Through our team of experienced personnel we can provide the highest quality training from cadets to experienced pilots.

Type Rating Courses

We hold valid approvals to run aircraft specific Type Rating Courses across several aircraft types. Our experienced personnel who oversee these courses all have extensive experience flying the specific aircraft and therefore have a pool of knowledge to help candidates throughout the course. Through this, we can provide the highest quality training and equip the candidate for their professional flying career.

We can provide UK Type Rating courses and Proficiency Checks for the following aircrafts:

  • A320 
  • A330
  • B737 
  • B757/767
  • B747/400
  • M.C.C Stand Alone and integrated
  • Type Rating Instructor(TRI)Courses
  • Type Rating Examiner(TRE)Courses
  • TRE Seminar
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Ground School:

We can provide EASA approved courses in:

  • CRM
  • Dangerous Goods
  • SEP
  • Security/ Fire & Smoke
  • Wet Drills /Ditching
  • Other EASA approved courses
  • Cabin Crew Courses – Provided by Sky People
  • TRI Seminar