Aircrew​ is registered with the UK Department of Working Pensions (DWP). This means that you may be eligible for government funding to attend one of our training courses via your local Job Centre plus allocated Coach or National Careers Service.

If you’re a pilot and are currently unemployed and based in England, either seeking new opportunities, or looking to keep yourself current on a specific aircraft type you may be able to secure funding.

For DWP funding eligibility, you should be:

  • In receipt of Job Seeker Allowance
  • In an Employment and Support Allowance work related activity or
  • Required to attend a training course for your Universal Credit claim

The Process

  • Contact Aircrew so we can advise and help with your claim
  • Register with your local Job Centre or contact the National Careers Service
  • Inform your Job Coach on your preference to attend an Aircrew course
  • Inform your Job Coach that Aircrew is registered on Basware to provide skills/career training
  • Aircrew will provide all the relevant documentation and inform you of what training you need to do
  • If Aircrew is successful in securing the training after the procurement process we will coordinate the funding and you will be able to attend your course with us.

For more information or any help explaining your training requirements to your advisor, please contact us at or enquire using the form below.​​

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