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We understand that a crew member that is content is going to offer a higher quality service to the airline they are contracted to. To keep our crews satisfied we also offer them a superior service, which no other crew agency offers at present.

We provide our crews with assistance in their tax and financial affairs to ensure they gain maximum advantage from contracting.

We offer them corporate rate discount on various products and services with our partners, which allows them similar benefits to that of permanently employed staff, including health care and discount travel.

Second Officer Program

We have competent, type rated, Second Officers available, who could be used on heavy crew operations. Typically, they would not handle the controls below FL200 until sufficient experience was gained for them to become First Officers.

Short Term Assignments

We can offer Training Captains, Captains, First Officers and Second Officers and cabin crew on short-term assignments, typically one to three months to cover Airlines immediate needs.

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